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3/31/2016 - Thank you very much for my boots. I really like how well made they are. The leather and workmanship is first rate and they are very comfortable too. I highly recommend your product and plan on getting another pair as soon as I can. Thank you. T. Smith - Fort Lauderdale, FL

6/1/2015 - Hello, i have just received my boots. I absolutely LOVE them! I've never seen or owned prettier boots! Can't wait to wear them! Thanks for great customer service and beautiful product. I look forward to ordering again soon. Ty Wallace - Memphis, TN

1/30/2013 - Received the shoes I ordered from your company today. They are awesome! I think she will be thrilled with them. Rob F. - Twinsburg, OH

11/23/2011 - I got the boots today. They are amazing! I was very pleased to see they're made from one piece of leather. They fit my feet and legs really well. They're also the exact height I expected which is great. This was money very well spent and I expect to shop with you guys again sometime. I love them! A. Moore - Roanoke, VA

5/12/2009 - I ordered a pair of clear heels that light up back in March. The event (my college graduation) I ordered them for was this past weekend. The shoes were great! They looked fabulous and everybody loved them!!! Thank you so much for helping me look awesome on my special day! Monica Masco - Rochester, NY

12/31/2008 - I just want you to know that I have received the boots and I absolutely love them. They are perfect! You are definitely on my list of places to go when I want some sexy shoes. The selection is great and your service is too. GB Dinelt - Tacoma, WA

9/13/2008 - Thank you so much for my boots! I love the quality of materials and construction. They look exactly like I imagined they would after viewing your web page. I especially enjoyed the customizing feature, where I could create a shoe unique to my tastes. I chose the heel height, shoe size, color, material, and style and mixed them to make a shoe that I think is fabulous. I have not found this trait in any store or other site selling similar products. They arrived quickly and with a minimal waiting period. I will definitely recommend this site to fellow dancers and hip stylish friends alike. Keirsten W. - San Francisco, CA

5/29/2008 - I got my boots today. I love them. You guys will be getting more business from me for sure. Thank you. Mistress Lea - Palmdale, CA

2/5/2008 - I received the boots three days ago, and they are absolutely fantastic! They fit perfectly, and they're exactly what I need for my costume. Thank you! Your service is wonderful. I will recommend you to others. Hillary Adams - Rockport, TX

5/16/2007 - I received my shoes today and they are 100% perfect; almost too good to be true! I have tried for a long time to find a company that does exactly what you do. I will definitely be back in the future for more shoes and I will spread the word.
Krisanna Marie - Hollywood, CA

9/12/2006 - I just wanted to say thank you so much. I received the fabulous shoes and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow to work. Shop with you guys again soon. A. Mercado - Largo, FL

8/2/2006 - You not only have an awesome selection and prices but your service is TOP NOTCH! I've already passed on your website to a few friends. I custom-ordered shoes and had them so quickly...I am impressed and will order again, I'm sure!! YOU ROCK!!
Lori B. - Mission Viejo, CA

11/7/2005 - Thank you for the shoes. I love them and I've gotten more compliments on them than you would believe. I have given your web address out to several people. Thanks again for my shoes. They are beautiful. Brandi Chesleigh - Diamond Bar, CA

7/23/2005 - I received my custom shoes today. I love them!!! I just ordered another pair...I really appreciate your service and I will be recommending you to friends and clients. Darcy Providente - Cleveland Heights, OH

3/25/2005 - I just wanted to sing your praise. The shoes came today. They are so great. I love them. I cannot wait to wear them out. I showed them to my sister and she loved them. Maybe I will get her a pair for her birthday. I need to save more money because I will be shopping with you again. Thanks a ton. Pamela C. - Belden, MS

2/24/2005 - I just wanted to let you know that I have been so pleased with your company and especially the way you treated me. I just received the shoes that I ordered. I am delighted to say that they are great!!! I will never go through any other company for shoes ever again. There just is no need to; your prices and your selection and your customer service is WAY beyond anyone else's! Thank you so much for everything!! Absolutely satisfied customer. Tatiana B. - Hackensack, NJ

11/10/2003 - I enjoyed doing business with your company and appreciate the prompt processing and delivery. The product is exactly what I was looking for. I had spent approximately two hours, two days in a row just browsing through shoe/clothing websites looking for the shoes I purchased from you all. I had seen them online on a model and had trouble finding them. I contacted her and she said she got hers custom in Hollywood, so I had given up hope. The next day I stumbled onto you guys and I can only say I was ecstatic. It has been a pleasure and you will have my business in the future. A. Hairston - Hampton, VA

11/4/2003 - I received my order just in time for the holiday! Talk about "in the nick of time"! Thank you for following up to my inquiry and also to the status of the delivery. Your company is excellent in communication. Thanks again for the quality shoes. I will for sure order more shoes from your company. Thank you for the great customer service! A happy customer, Johna L. - Hilo, HI

1/7/2003 - Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I can't believe how fast and friendly you are. You answered all of my questions and concerns. My shoes are perfect! I LOVE them and look forward to doing business with you again. Finally, I will make sure that the word gets around about the wonderful products and excellent service that can be found in your company! Jane Scott - Northfield, OH

9/12/2002 - I was looking for a pair of shoes so I did an Internet search until I found what I was looking for. Your site was descriptive and easy to use. Thanks for my new boots! Kimberly P. - San Angelo, TX

7/14/2002 - Thank you for the personal response. I have been looking for this type of shoe for a long time and just started entering in "shoes" and did several searches. You seem to have the best deals around. I really appreciate the way you answered me so quickly and the fact that I didn't get a "canned" message in return. I'm sure I'll buy from you again in the near future and will pass your name on to other women I know. Thank you! Julie M. - Albany, OR

5/21/2002 - Your customer service team is great. I ordered my daughter a pair of shoes. I received them and they were to small, because I was pressed for time I ordered another pair in a larger size. Customer service e-mailed me back to ask me if everything was all right with the first pair of shoes. I explained my situation that she needed them for her prom. They again e-mailed me back to find out when her prom was. I responded back. Once again they e-mailed me back to let me know that I would receive them on Tuesday. I received them on Tuesday like they wrote. The shoes are beautiful. I am a manager for a retail corp. I know customer service is very important to any company large or small. As a manager I get to hear everything from customers and we know most of the time it is negative. They rarely take the time out to compliment someone. I really appreciate your support team keeping me in touch with my order, believe it or not it took a lot of stress off of me. Thank you once again. Annette T. - New York, NY

5/20/2002 - I received my exchange items yesterday! The shoes are perfect! Thanks for the great service! Lisa D. - Palatine, IL

5/3/2002 - I received my heels today. They look sexy and fit great. I will definitely be doing more business with you in the near future. Thanks. Janice E. - Tacoma, WA